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All hope was lost when I was born as Dues Ex Machina

“haha no msn.
does anyone ever use those things anymore?”


whatt!? :O I do, lol. fb chat? I don’t like having full on convo’s through tumblr messages, if that’s alright. :O

“aha hi, and thanks no im not okay but im fine are you okay, hows your life whats going on with you”


Life sucks with me, but what are you gonna do, right? Just gotta live through it the best you can, y’know? -__- love the new theme, btw. :P

Still haven’t listened to James Blake yet

I’ve been sleeping so much lately. Hung out with mum yesterday. Band practice was legit. Gotta write some more stuff for Wednesday. I wonder if that will even happen….lol.

Probably going to Thushy’s house after work. See Milad and Sibi and all that jazz. Probably won’t play guitar today.

What I really want is to see and speak with S. Like, a lot. And nothing is really keeping me from her. But S hates me and has become a different person, so everytime I try to make an attempt, I’m rejected, and I feel like giving it all up. Wowzerz.

“who the hell is this `x` person?”


Whoever I want it to be at the time of me posting. There’s also a Y, Z, W, K, etc.